Over 10 years we have polled hundreds of mothers to construct our Essentials List. These are items that come highly recommended by new moms as must haves for going to the hospital and seeing you and baby through those crazy first few months.

"Before my baby was born I was frantically trying to find out what I really needed. I could have used a list like this that shows the important things and leaves the rest to your budget, needs and imagination!" -  New Mom

"These products proved to be really useful and they saved us a lot of time, money and sleep! I hope that it will do the same for you." - Nikki Crossan


  1. Maternity Band to support tummy (especially for multiple babies)
  2. Maternity wear that sits loose and is comfortable  (Cherry Melon has beautiful stuff - see instore at Kids Emporium)
  3. Nursing Bra’s
  4. Feeding Cami’s
  5. Under the Bump Undies

Sleep essentials and nursery décor 

  1. Large cot with adjustable base  (see KE Furniture Catalogue)
  2. Breathe Easy Cot mattress
  3. 3 Cot fitted sheets (ensure all linen is 100% cotton)
  4. Waterproof mattress protector (very useful for dribbles, vomit, leaky nappy etc)
  5. 2 Bumper covers
  6. Breathe Easy Bumper Inner
  7. Compactum with change top  (see KE Furniture Catalogue)
  8. Secure change mat - waterproof 
  9. 2 Change mat covers
  10. 4 Cellular Blankets / Bamboo Blankets
  11. 6 Receiving Blankets (Lighter weight )
  12. 4 Swaddle cloths (essential for calming fussy baby)
  13. 1 Sleeping bag/ Sleepy Sack (essential on cold nights as babies don't stay under blankets)
  14. Sufficient built in cupboards
  15. Comfortable feeding chair (to become story time chair later)
  16. Mosquito net (for summer babies)
  17. Frame with mobiles above changing mat (e.g. Dingle Dangle at Kids Emporium stores)
  18. Laundry Bag
  19. Night Light
  20. Nappy bin

Bath Time & Baby Care

  1. Baby Bath with outlet
  2. 3 Towels
  3. Chemical free soap
  4. Chemical free moisturiser that can also act as a massage cream
  5. Eco Friendly nappies / Disposable nappies
  6. Facecloths
  7. Surgical spirits and ear buds (for cleaning around the umbilical cord)
  8. Digital thermometer (you will be using this more than you think!)

Feeding Time

  1. 6 to 8 Bottles
  2. Bottle Brush
  3. Teat Brush
  4. Drying Rack
  5. Microwave Sterilizer
  6. Breast Pump
  7. Breast Pads
  8. Dummies
  9. Dummy Sterilizer
  10. Burp bibs
  11. Soft coated baby spoons (from 6 months on)
  12. Baby Bowls with lid (from 6 months on)

On the Move

  1. Pram that suits your needs and your space in the car
  2. Car Seat (it is the law to have a baby in a car seat at all times when driving)
  3. Nappy bag with change mat
  4. Window shade for car window
  5. Pocket Size High Chair
  6. Baby Wrap / Carrier
  7. Travel Cot / Carry Cot (0-6 months)
  8. Portable Bottle warmer*
  9. Bottle / Food Cooler Bag*
  10. *nice to have but you'll be fine without them too

Getting Dressed 

A minimum of 8 changes of clothing per age group (Newborn, 0-3mnths, 3-6mnths etc)

  1. Vests
  2. Babygrows
  3. Leggings / Top Sets
  4. Socks
  5. Beanie
  6. Lightweight jackets
  7. Rompers (summer baby)


  1. Comforter (to hold and sleep with)
  2. Teething toys (to relieve itching once teething starts)
  3. A music toy that plays calming tunes to distract baby during medicine giving, or to calm them down before bed time
  4. Lightweight rattles to hold etc
  5. Sensory Toys (newborns can only see limited colours and shapes)
  6. Baby books