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Our wonderful range of KE Cots are manufactured in South Africa. All models are made from splinter free Supawood that is coated in lead free paint (except for the Toni range which is a laminate wrap). 

Our products conform to the highest safety standards, and is built to last. 
But above all they are fun and functional!

Troy Cot Fur-Cot-Troy R4,895.00
Tori Cot Fur-Cot-Tori R5,695.00
Tate Cot - White Fur-Cot-TateW R6,575.00
Tate Cot - Dark Fur-Cot-TateD R6,995.00
Toni Cot - Light Fur-Cot-ToniL R5,525.00
Toni Cot - Dark Fur-Cot-ToniD R5,525.00
Riley Cot Fur-Ril-Cot R4,590.00
Caitlin Cot Fur-Cait-Cot R6,150.00
Ryan Cot Fur-Ryan-Cot R6,150.00