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Our furniture is manufactured in South Africa. 

All models are made from splinter free Supawood that is coated in lead free paint (except for the Toni range which is a laminate wrap). 
Our products conform to the highest safety standards, and is built to last. 
But above all they are fun and functional!

Troy Changer Fur-Com-Troy R4,925.00
Tori Compactum Fur-Com-Tori R6,450.00
Toni Compactum - Light Fur-Com-ToniL R5,152.00
Toni Compactum - Dark Fur-Com-ToniD R5,125.00
Riley Compactum Fur-Ril-Com R7,550.00
Caitlin Compactum Fur-Cait-Com R6,300.00
Ryan Compactum Fur-Ryan-Com R6,300.00