Feed your baby discreetly and in style!  Ever had to feed your baby in public only to have the piece of cloth you artfully draped over yourself blow away or get pulled down by baby?  Being exposed to friends and strangers alike is not every ones cup of tea. Luckily with the Hush Hush Nursing Apron, you can now feed baby while enjoying your cappucino in complete style and confidence. 

The Hush Hush Nursing Apron is the elegant and convenient solution to breastfeeding discreetly with a direct
view of baby.
•             bowed front to keep fabric away from a baby’s face and allows eye contact
•             made from a soft, lightweight, breathable 100% cotton fabric
•             is machine washable
•             has an easy adjustable strap to allow for best fit
•             lined with a plain fabric that does not over stimulate/distract baby
•             is reversible

Hush Hush Nursing Apron

Product Code: OHS01-001
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