Finally instore! Lily 'n Jack snuggle bunnies make a beautiful baby shower gift.  The tactile bunny has long silky ears that babies love to stroke and touch. They make perfect sleeping partners, soothing baby when they wake up.

Tip: Mom can sleep with bunny for a night to get her smell onto the bunny and then put it in the cot with baby.

Each bunny comes in a beautiful organza bag that turns it into an instant beautiful gift!

Customer review: 
Our son,Zac is 13mths old. My friend gave the snuggle bunny to him when he was born and his bunny is his most favorite thing in the world! If I wash it,I have to tumble dry it before his next nap or he will NOT sleep! I give him his bunny,he holds it over his face and falls asleep within a few seconds..literally!! He often puts it in his mouth when he's crawling around so he can take it everywhere he goes..it is too adorable how much he loves it and I can safely say, on his behalf, that it's his most favorite toy in the whole world..and I think EVERY baby should have a snuggle bunny!! Thank you for an awesome product! Regards Julie and Zac

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Lily 'n Jack - Snuggle Bunny (White)

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