Finally in store!  Lily 'n Jack snuggle bunnies make the best baby shower gift that will be treasured by mom and baby alike. 

The ultimate self-soother to calm and settle your little one. The softest fleece, combined with silky satin ears makes this tactile bunny comforter an absolute must-have.

Each bunny comes in a beautiful organza bag that turns it into an instant beautiful gift. 

Customer review

My daughter has had her Snuggle Bunny since birth & absolutely loves it. She's slept with it every nap & night, & she's now 2years & 4 months old. We had to buy her 4 of them, in case we ever lost one, plus we rotate them for washing. We lived in Botswana at the time and now live in New York & her bunnies have been close by her side! Thanks for an amazing product! Regards Joanna.

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Lily 'n Jack - Snuggle Bunny (Grey)

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