The buttons make it convenient and comfy to discretely breastfeed your baby anywhere. You also have your hands free to sip tea or answer your mobile without worrying about a scarf slipping and exposing you. The breathable light knit fabric makes it perfect for summer or for layering in between seasons. For how to wear it see images. Don't start breastfeeding without one.

Me-a-Mama Breast-friend tip: Button and wear over your shoulder and baby so your hands are free - the neckline is loose enough to lift and peek at your baby whenever you need to but also give you the privacy you need.
Maternity Fashion Tip: 
Re-button it and re-style it for a range of feminine looks. Go asymmetrical, off the shoulder or button it behind your shoulders. Or swaddle your baby in it.  To breastfeed simply drape over your shoulders and tuck your baby underneath.

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