Welcome your baby into this world in a SugarDots muslin receiving blankets.  Perfect as a mattress or changing table cover, a blanket for extra warmth, as well as a nursing covering for when a mom is out and about or to shield baby from the elements when in the pram.

Muslin is a a loosely woven cotton that allows for breathability and temperature regulation. Not only is muslin soft against your newborn’s skin but also is wonderful on hot days as it does not carry the risk of overheating. A cotton muslin is the perfect cotton blanket for our warm African climate. 

Included in the pack are 2 x 100% cotton muslin blankets.  
They come in 6 designs from plain white (Classic Love) to Pink (Princess Cuddle & Pink Heart),  Blue (Blue Elephants & Starry Night) and Grey (Beary Hugs)

Size:  110cm x 110cm

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SugarDots Muslin Pack of 2

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